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Meet the ladies who moved into the Lair

when the Slacker Demons moved out!


Demonic supervisor of LUST, the Second Circle of Hell, Ish Qbybbl has been so impressed with the monthly reports turned in by our Slacker Demons, Archie, Lido, Mutt, Jeff, Kamadeva, Veek, and Baz, that he has rented their empty man-lair from Baz so that he can install three lovely, luscious, lethal ladies to resume the ruin of residents of Ravenswood Manor, that quiet, tree-lined neighborhood of Chicago plagued with more demons and angels than any battlefield.

It’s a pretty nice gig, being a Coed Demon Slut. Like the Slacker Demons, you only have to sleep with three people per month to earn your thirty pieces of silver, plus the usual bonuses for performance above and beyond. You get an eternally young, super-strong, healthy body, and you can gumby it into any shape, size, and color you like. You have to feed it a lot—at least 4500 calories a day—to keep the body from getting fat. You get the Lair, your awesome teammates, a phone, a car, a credit card … and succubus powers that guarantee no man or woman can resist you.

Imagine: you’ll never have to try on a pair of jeans again. You’ll never have to try on a bra again. You can eat and drink whatever you want. And you never have to take any lip from any man, ever.

Then Delilah starts sending them new recruits, and hell really begins to pop.




Beth is fifty, dumped by her husband for the babysitter, jobless, skill-less, homeless, cashless. She’s about to jump in front of a bus when she meets Delilah, recruiter for the Regional Office, and receives an offer she can’t refuse. Heartbroken, Beth decides to use the powers of this new body and the remains of her thrown-away life to track down her ex-husband and make him tell her why he dumped her.

But Beth can’t get information without help from her team, and she can’t accept their help until she learns something about what she has become—a coed demon slut—who she’s always really been, and who she wants to be from now on.

Here’s Beth’s cover, finalized, as designed by the brilliant Mark C. Collins.



CDSJ-final cover art


Jee was a child when the tsunami destroyed the beach where her family and their tribe lived on the northwestern corner of the island of Sumatra. Then Thai slavers “rescued” her and took her away to the brothels of Bangkok. Just as Jee was getting worn out and rebellious, Delilah came along with an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Jee’s childhood scars won’t begin to heal until she lets her team under her skin. She thinks she’s too tough for that, until she takes pity on the unlikeliest teammate of all.

Here’s Jee’s cover, also finalized.





Melitta 200 x 300MELITTA

Melitta is nineteen. She’s repeating senior year of high school, oh the shame. Melitta’s mom is the school guidance counselor. In spite of this responsible position, her mom has a weakness: she can’t cope without a man telling her what to do. Melitta’s stepdad is the school district’s psychiatrist. He’s also … a little too affectionate. Melitta is too smart to run away from home, too angry to put up with her stepfather’s advances, and too fond of her mother to abandon her with that jerk. What’s a girl to do? Delilah has a suggestion.

Melitta’s not alone anymore. She has the sluts on her side.

I’m madly in love with Melitta’s cover, aren’t you?





CDSA-final cover artAMANDA

Cricket is ninety-eight, married and widowed three times, with countless grand- and great-grandkids, and her bucket list is a mile long. Her loved ones want to keep her in a cushy retirement community where nothing bad can happen to her. But Cricket’s not ready to settle into bingo and daytime TV. She still longs for adventure. Delilah tells Cricket they can walk out that door together, and she never has to come back.

Amanda has worked for hell, a.k.a. the Regional Office, for a decade. She doesn’t eat for days, doesn’t slept for weeks, hasn’t been back to her empty condo in years. In spite of the sexism and the total absence of intramural sports, Amanda is grateful to be numb in Regional Office, until she learns that a succubus team is opening in Chicago. Should she join up, get away from all the chauvinist demon pigs, brave the dangers of field work, and maybe get to organize a women’s softball team?

This odd couple shares a room at the Lair. They set the Regional Office on it ear with history’s first coed demon basketball tournament.


Pog second sketch200x300x72POG



Pog (“Person Of Girth”) was her wealthy parents’ little angel until she hit puberty and started to gain weight. When she gained fifty pounds in her first year of college, they pulled the plug. She was welcome to return to school—and her family—when she “finally committed to applying herself”—i.e. when she was thin again. Pog rebelled: she became a prostitute.

Ten years later Pog is still fat, still broke, and a whore. Delilah offers her a chance to be a thin, rich whore for hell, and she jumps at it.

Ish Qbybbl only wants a quiet life. He’s agoraphobic, mercifully numb, hiding in his cubical at the Regional Office, supervising incubi and succubi via Skype. That works great, until his succubus field ops win the All-Demonic-Circles Intramural Basketball Tournament, and get him promoted. A guy can lose his head, getting promoted in hell.

Pog and Ish tap their team for sympathy, street smarts, and skills when Ish goes on the run and moves in with his coed demon sluts. Pog can save Ish from his demonic bosses. But can Ish give Pog what she really wants?



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