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Funny sexy romantic fantasy


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Randolph Llew Carstairs Athelbury Darner, third OF Earl Pontarsais, was an ordinary English lord until he pissed off his mistress by being bad in bed. His excuse was so lame (“women don’t enjoy sex, they just use it to get money or marriage or children”) that she turned him into a sex demon. She bound him to the brass bed where they lay and put a curse on him: “You don’t get out of this bed until you’ve satisfied a hundred women!”

Meet the hundredth woman.

Jewel Heiss is an investigator for a special division of the Chicago Department of Consumer Services…the Hinky Division. Magic has been invading Chicago, along with every other major world city, but da mayor’s Hinky Policy is Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Cope. She doesn’t like the work much until the day she busts a fake sex therapist and accidentally releases Randy from the “treatment bed.” Turns out the curse isn’t over. Until she and Randy are in love, he’s going to keep popping back into random beds…or car seats…or other reclinery…and he can’t get out until Jewel gives him another chance to satisfy his hundredth woman.

Clay Dawes is a second-generation con man. He doesn’t mind when Jewel busts him, or when he loses his brilliant lonely-hearts con game with the brass bed, or even getting roped into working with Jewel in the Hinky Division. Jewel is hot. But Randy is in the way…always, always in the way. Well, almost always.





Contemporary romantic comedy


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Union stagehands are knights of blue-collar chivalry—the workaholic, playaholic, unsung heroes behind the curtain. Show business doesn’t happen without them. They’re the guts, the dirty underbelly, the grease on the transmission under all the chrome and shiny headlights. Manlier than skinny rock stars in makeup, more gentlemanly than gents in suits, they know that all the world’s a stage, stuff happens, and then they tear the show down and put it on the truck. It takes a special kind of woman to catch a stagehand…and keep him.





Paranormal romance


aTasteofYou2   aTasteofYou2

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Dancing with Cupid Version 2 Outlined   Stevenson_Walking on Sunshine-200x300x72

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Five guys are rooming together in a man lair in a Chicago north-side neighborhood. All are hot, all are sex demons, all come from different backgrounds, and they’re all this close to getting kicked out of hell. Because, while they’re good at meeting girls, they suck at the paperwork. Meet the slacker demons and the women who tame them and hogtie them to the marriage bed.





Magical realism


Trash Sex Magic Cover


A family of trailer-trash sex magicians lives on the bank of the Fox River. Across the road grows a tree that used to be a man and is now a god. One day, developers buy the land and cut the tree-god down, killing him.

Sex miracles spray over the landscape.

Raedawn Somershoe has four days to find another man to take his place.




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Anthologies containing Jennifer Stevenson’s short stories

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