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Backstage Boys

King of Hearts

A sexy, funny duel of wills and wits between a small town preacher’s daughter and a blue-collar prince of the blood

When she witnesses King Dave’s humiliation at the hands of his ex-wife, preacher’s daughter Nadine gains control of King Dave–and becomes his target.

King Dave, son of the president of Chicago’s stagehands, has never been bested.  He will stop at nothing to recover his stolen machismo.

A Backstage Boys romantic comedy!

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Fools Paradise

fp_200x300x72lowresA blue-collar Jacobean comedy of feuds, follies, and getting your fingernails dirty.

Bobbyjay and Daisy are considered the dumbest members of their two families.  When his male relatives get creative during the smelt run, Bobbyjay and Daisy have to get engaged to prevent these stagehand Montagues and Capulets from reanimating their old blood feud.

But the two families would rather make war, not love.  They’ll stop at nothing zany to break the match.

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