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Slacker Demons


It’s Raining Men

Archie is a sex demon who’s so lazy, he’s this close to being kicked out of hell. Chloe is a brand bimbo for a liquor distributor, dating bums and secretly crushing on her favorite bartender, Archie.

Archie only wants to comfort Chloe after her latest dumping. He doesn’t plan to show her the sex demons’ sweat-socky man lair, or confess to collecting thirty pieces of silver a month for seducing women. He doesn’t even intend to kiss her. It all starts with one well-meant lie…

“Just for you, it’s gonna start raining men.”

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It’s Raining Angels and Demons

The man drought is over!

Angels and demons fall into the arms of the sex-deprived women of a sleepy Chicago neighborhood. Only two women get gypped.

An angel and a demon escape capture and find temporary refuge with a team of renegade sex demons…but they’re not safe yet.

Heaven doesn’t remember them, Hell doesn’t want them, and two horny mortal women are hunting them.

It’s raining angels and demons!

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Dancing With Cupid

Dancing with Cupid Version 2 Outlined
He’s the defrocked Hindu god of sensual love. She’s his virgin amnesiac runaway bride.

Will she give up her crusade for women’s rights to join him in heaven…in bed?

Can he revive her goddess memories before the defrocking curse fries him to a crisp…again?

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Walking On Sunshine

Stevenson_Walking on Sunshine-200x300x72
A rock starlet whose biological clock is ticking… An ancient demon under orders to make a goddess out of the starlet… A precocious Parisian teen with a bottomless bank account and a stalker obsession for the starlet…

And a son of vodou whose life tangles with the others as time runs out for him to claim his rightful title in France…
Four lovers. Ancient power. Modern passion. Is love enough to protect their sanity from immortality?

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