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Slacker Demons

It’s Raining Men

It's Raining Men by Jennifer Stevenson

“Just for you, it’s gonna start raining men.”

Archie is a sex demon who’s so lazy, he’s this close to being kicked out of hell. Chloe is a brand ambassador for a liquor distributor, dating bums and secretly crushing on her favorite bartender, Archie.

Archie only wants to comfort Chloe after her latest dumping. He doesn’t plan to show her the sex demons’ sweat-socky man lair, or confess to collecting thirty pieces of silver a month for seducing women. He doesn’t even intend to kiss her. It all starts with one well-meant lie…

“Just for you, it’s gonna start raining men.”

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It’s Raining Angels and Demons

It's Raining Angels and Demons by Jennifer Stevenson

Man Drought Ends!

It’s raining angels and demons! – right into the arms of love-deprived women in a sleepy Chicago neighborhood.

But two women get cheated! One angel and one demon escape.

Keek’s self-esteem problems have led to a certain lifestyle with men. Angel Jioffriel is innocent in every way until he stumbles into Keek’s arms, but he’s judgmental about her lifestyle.

Mella is pickier than Keek. When she meets demon Mutmumtazarek, for the first time she sees past a guy’s flaws to the frightened beast inside.

The only chance Mutt and Jeff have to survive is to learn to make love.

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Dancing With Cupid

Dancing With Cupid by Jennifer Stevenson

Defrocked Hindu love god seeks virgin amnesiac runaway bride

Exiled to Los Angeles by her Delhi family when she was only nine, Rathi grows up into a prim, virginal overachiever. Now she’s a lonely workaholic in a high-power women’s rights law firm in Chicago. Just having coffee with the mailroom boy would be a career-limiting move.

Kamadeva, once the lusty Hindu god of love, has never forgotten his long lost wife. She stomped out on him after he got demoted via flamethrower by an angry Shiva. He’s spent the last 500 years as a sex demon, looking for her. But Rathi has reincarnated many times. She doesn’t remember Kama.

She can’t find her love button with both hands. And he’s still the happy-go-lucky idiot she left.

Can he revive her goddess memories before Shiva’s curse fries him to a crisp again? And will she still want to dance with her underachiever cupid?

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Walking On Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine by Jennifer Stevenson

four lovers + ancient power = irresistible passion

A rock starlet whose biological clock is ticking… An ancient sex demon under orders to make a goddess out of the starlet… A precocious Parisian teen with a bottomless bank account and a stalker obsession for the starlet… And a son of vodou whose life tangles with the others as time runs out for him to claim his rightful title in France…

Is love enough to protect their sanity from immortality?

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