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Liars in Love

Makeover Queen


When lovers hide from themselves, how can they find each other?

Debby is a happy-go-lucky slob hiding her inner hottie under a bushel. Bruce is a too-hunted hunk hiding his straight sex drive behind a flamboyant beautician disguise.

She asks him to make her over so she can seduce another guy. He seduces her first to save her from herself.

But coming out beautiful—or just coming out—may be riskier than they thought.

A Liars in Love romantic comedy!



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Anything For The Picture


Connie Corda has always been the nicest woman in Hollywood. But when her beloved husband dies and their best friend mysteriously drops her, her lonely, widowed misery spills over into her work.

Vince Davis doesn’t mind; four women with tempers have married and divorced him so far. For twenty-five years, Connie and Sam were his only example of a happy couple. Now Sam’s death confronts Vince with the uncomfortable truth that he wants Connie for himself … and guilt sends him running in the opposite direction.

But he can’t run very far when they’re co-starring in a buddy’s movie.

Their buddy the director schemes to bring them together. He asks Vince to turn up the heat on Connie “so she won’t wreck the picture.” Vince reluctantly agrees. “She’ll kill me if she finds out you set her up.”

Of course Connie knows she’s being set up. And she intends to make her old friends pay. While concocting the perfect payback, she comes back to life … and finds herself, and new love.

A Liars in Love romantic comedy!

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My Superhero

The caped hunk on Morgan’s window ledge is Decent Guy, insidiously persuasive alter-ego of Chad, an irresponsible young millionaire.

Morgan talks him down off the ledge and becomes Chad’s court-appointed counselor. If she can’t straighten him out in thirty days, he’ll be put away in a loony bin. Morgan is a freshly-graduated corporate headhunter, not a psychologist, but caught between Chad’s manipulations and an exasperated judge, she may not be able to save Decent Guy.

Decent Guy won’t let Morgan help him until he learns her secret identity–supervillainess Morgan Le Fay, avenger of hypocrisy. Now he wants to fix her psyche, starting with her libido.

Morgan may have to strip herself naked in more ways than one before she can save either of them.

A Liars in Love romantic comedy!


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