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What readers are saying

I asked my readers to answer Jewel’s toughest question: What would you do if your new bed was possessed by a demon who had to satisfy you every night? Would you sell the bed? Keep it for life? Or try to free the demon?

Here’s what some of you are saying!

RUNNING TALLY        Sell it: 49         Keep it for life: 933        Try to free the demon: 2481


“hmm that would depend on the demon. If he is hot, I might keep it. If he is sweet, I might try to free him.”

“I would try to free the demon. Then I would like to think he liked me of his own accord. He is soooo sexy.”

“I would keep it, maybe even use it a few times! However, in the end I would probably be totally freaked out by the whole thing, and afraid that in the end I would be possessed by the Demon of the Bed so I would find someone who knows how to rid an item of an unwanted Demon and have it removed from the bed. If I could not find anyone who could get the Demon out of the bed, I would sell it, but I would disclose that it was possessed by a Lusty Demon! It could bring a nice price from the right person! LOL!”

“rent it out”

“It would be strange and my secret as to why I stayed single and independent. I’d keep it.”

“Probably wonder what planet I’d been transferred to.”

“Keep it (I am widowed after a wonderful and sexually fulfilling 29 yr marriage).”

“I would try to free the demon. If it stayed in my bed I would never get any sleep. If I were to get rid of it, it would become someone else’s problem and I couldn’t do that to anyone. So I would try to free him and send him back to hell.”

“I suppose it would depend on where in my life’s journey, I was. Earlier in my adolescent years I would have kept it. Until, I fell in love. Then, I would have sold it. But, now in my twilight years, I definitely would keep it.”

And today’s answer to the BONUS question: If you choose to keep the bed for life, who would you leave the bed to in your will, and why?
I would probably turn into the nosiest busy body that my friends or family ever met just to ensure I picked the best person for the bed and who would take care of it.

You guys are hilarious! I can’t post just ten crazy reader answers. Go here to see them all.

The Hinky Brass Bed

Too much of a good thing…is just enough?

Lord Randy was bad in bed, so his magician-mistress turned him into a sex demon with a curse: “You don’t get out of this bed until you satisfy 100 women!”  Lucky for Randy, two hundred years later, con-artist Clay finds the bed.

Clay’s scam works until that foxy fraud investigator arrives.  Lucky for Clay, fraud-cop Jewel has a weakness for hunky con men.

Jewel is the hundredth woman, and she frees Randy—now he’s her sex slave, and her case against the con artist dissolves in a hail of hormones.  Lucky for Jewel, she’s got a lusty libido.

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The Hinky Velvet Chair

Fraud cop Jewel has too much of a good thing. A hot con artist is her new partner and a bossy sex demon is her new booty slave.

Today she’s busting the Venus Machine, which makes a person irresistably attractive. Jewel sits in the Venus Machine’s velvet chair to prove it’s a fountain of flimflam. She won’t do that again in a hurry.

Her sex demon vanishes in the middle of the case. Her partner is hiding something, of course. And Jewel has to face down four con artists with the strongest weapon in her holster…her terrible reputation.

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The Hinky Bearskin Rug

A live-in sex demon sure keeps a girl up at night. But for Jewel, a fraud cop leery of commitment, Randy could be too much of a good thing.

Hinky cases and kinky cases dovetail as Jewel and her hot ex-criminal partner Clay investigate an office orgy, a lockerful of pin-up ghosts, and an erotic film studio…where Randy goes undercover. As usual, Jewel’s past haunts her, but this time, her sexual indiscretions may hold the key to the mystery.

Two hotties and a hard decision: if Jewel is the luckiest girl in Chicago, how come she’s sleeping alone so much?

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Hinky Chicago Omnibus #1

Get Jewel’s first three adventures in one volume!

The Hinky Brass Bed

The Hinky Velvet Chair

The Hinky Bearskin Rug

Bonus sample from The Hinky Genie Lamp

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The Hinky Genie Lamp

Hinky pinky at the rinky

Hinky Squad senior investigator Jewel goes undercover, seeking pink smog…at a roller derby rink!

Her sex demon Randy declares his mistress shouldn’t wear fishnets and roller skates. He’s driving Jewel to therapy.

Her junior partner and former con artist Clay Dawes should be hunting a genie, but the sex goddess possessing his body would rather play roller derby. Clay’s secrets could ruin him with Jewel…and his rival Randy knows them all.

Before the bout is over, will Clay exposed? Will Randy’s sex-demon curse be undone? Will Jewel save the derby girls from the pink stuff?

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 A Hinky Taste of You

Hel became an energy vampire at seventeen and reduced her first lover to ashes. Forty years later, she still looks seventeen.  Hel’s life is teaching hyperactive boys, roller derby, and worrying about paying her mother’s hospital bills.

Nick Jones, federal anti-magic cop, has a secret, too. Magic turns him on, to his shame. This makes it hard for Nick when he’s assigned to recruit Hel.

Nick feels guilty for his attraction to a teenager.  Hel adores Nick’s yummy energy.  If he learns she’s a vampire, he’ll send her to Hinky Guantanamo.

But can they keep their hands off each other?

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The Hinky Nickel



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