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Excerpt, Repo Babe

Excerpt from “Repo Babe”

“Can I talk to Heather?”

“I’m sorry, she’s in hell.”

“Oh! I’m—I’m terribly sorry.”

“She’ll be back this afternoon. Any message?

“Uh, um, no.”

“Have a nice day and thank you for calling.”


“And listen to this? ‘Jane has a good head on her shoulders. She will be an asset to the firm during her summer internship.’ I’m, like, so excited!”

“I bet there’s an ulterior motive. My aunt never invites me to her office unless she’s got some totally disgusting job for me.”

“You’re just jealous. I’m gonna be a repo babe! I’m gonna be a repo babe!”


“Hi, Donna!”

“Welcome back, Heather.”

“What did I miss?”

“Nirvana sent revised manifests for June and July. I already entered them. You can compare them to the Hades receivables on the new report. They’re cross-referenced.”

“Good girl. What else?”

“Haille Selasse stormed in on Friday, but Beth handled him. They’re meeting with Jesus and Chango tomorrow. And you missed a staff meeting.”

“Uh-oh. What happened?”

“We voted ourselves a new coffee machine.”

“Could have been worse.”

“Boss, I think you haven’t got the hang of consensus management yet.”

“You can say that again. How the hell I ever get anything done. You realize I deal with dictatorships all day long.”

“Collapsing dictatorships.”

“They may be collapsing, but by god they can order lunch without arguing about it for hours. Anything else?”

“Your niece Jane is in your office.”

“I guess it’s about that summer internship. Ask Personnel to send up an orientation packet—”

“Already on your desk.”

“You’re a treasure, Donna.”

“I’m an independent agent acting in concert with a free witches’ cooperative rescue and relocation mission, guided by open dialog in the decision-making process. Boss.”

“Thanks for reminding me.”

“Any time.”

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