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Jam! Tales From The Derby Girls

Jam-133x200x72 JAM! Tales from the World of Roller Derby Written by the Roller Derby! Monica Gallagher (Whipstick for Charm City Roller Girls), Allison Blackwell (Rhoda Perdition for Providence Roller Derby), Jennifer Stevenson (Flash Hottie for Windy City Rollers), April Bozoda-Armstrong (Chewblocka for Ohio Roller Girls), Erica Tremblay (Go-Go Gidget for Angel City Derby Girls), Lea Maxwell (Gonnolea for Burning River Roller Girls), Michelle Goodin, (Angry Mayfly for Lava City Roller Girls), Melissa Hopkins (Blue Monday for Dallas Derby Devils), Elle Schneider (Dagney Taghurt for Burning River Roller Girls), Angela Joy Moscoso (Antidote for Philly Roller Girls), and others!

Artists: Eric Powell, Monica Gallagher, Allison Blackwell, Ray Fawkes, TJ Kirsch ,Dennis Culver, Warren Wucinich, Justin Wagner, Jacqueline Lewis, Jeremy Sorese, Rashad Doucet, Chris Mullins, Paul Salvi, Thomas Boatwright, and others!

Jam! Tales from the World of Roller Derby is a full-color anthology written the people who make the roller derby happen! The stories range from the slice of life to the fantastic, and are drawn by professional comic book artists, including such talents as Eric Powell (The Goon) and Ray Fawkes (The Apocalipstix, Mnemovore). Also featuring cover art by Joëlle Jones (You Have Killed Me).

“I was tickled to death to win a place in the contest for this anthology! My story is pulled out of a new novel in The Brass Bed series. Friends of Jewel & Randy can find them in my story in Jam! … under derby alias. Bwa ha ha!” Jen Stevenson

Read an Excerpt: To come

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Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls

BVC-RocketBoyAndTheGeekGirls-133x200The first title from Book View Press, Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls, was released October 31, 2009.

Classic and favorite science fiction stories by the BVC authors, never before gathered in a single collection, plus new original flash fiction.

Read an Excerpt from Jen’s story:“Who Killed Science Fiction?”

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The Shadow Conspiracy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Shadow Conspiracy is a collection of stories set on alternative earth, a place powered by steam and magic. This world of dreamers, experimenters and engineers, soulless humans and ensouled machines was born of most unlikely parents: four poets who gathered one cold summer on the shores of Lake Geneva in 1816.

All-new and never-before-seen, these stories explore the unfolding consequences of that gathering — and how it changed everything we thought we knew about science and ourselves.

Read an Excerpt from Jen’s story: “A Princess of Wittgenstein”

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Dragon Lords and Warrior Women


From the concrete canyons of the modern city to the halls of ancient kings, from deepest ocean to cosy homes in sprawling suburbs, nowhere and no one is immune to magic. But as many forms as magic takes, there always arrives a hero to accept the challenge, and sometimes, to pay the price.

The hearts and imaginations of some of today’s finest writers come together to create this one-of-a-kind collection.

Read an Excerpt from Jen’s story: “Repo Babe”

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