All the hilarious answers from readers to The Question |

All the hilarious answers from readers to The Question


What if your new bed was possessed

by a demon who had to satisfy you

every night? Would you …

sell it?

keep it forever?

or try to free the demon?


Here you go. My, my, my, you people are imaginative…

I would keep it but free the demon cause I like to sleep !
 Burn the Bed
Its hard, when u hear the word demon. Lol. But if like the “demon” in the book? Toss up between keep and free him. Sorry.??
Keep it for a little while then try to free the demon
Try to free the demon, once that’s done, keep the demon for life, and sell the bed! Lol
I would keep it, but I would put it in another room, so when I was in the mood I could be satisfied it was there for the taking…..but on the other hand if I was short on money for whatever reason, I would sell time-shares on the bed and maybe I would become a Millionaire…hehe
Distroy the bed so that nobody else is troubled by the demon.
 Keep it (I am widowed after a wonderful and sexually fulfilling 29 yr marriage)
Heck toss up maybe after years of keeping it I may free the demon if he really wanted it and warrants it by being a nice soul inside. All depends on the inner being.
I suppose it would depend on where in my life’s journey, I was. Earlier in my adolescent years I would have kept it. Until, I fell in love. Then, I would have sold it. But, now in my twilight years, I definitely would keep it.
That depends on how hot the demon is… Nah, Probably feel bad (after a time or 10), and try to free the demon, of course (not so) secretly hoping the demon would hang around because it wanted to, even if it didn’t have to.
Try to free the demon. I wouldn’t feel right keeping him bound against his will. Hell, maybe he’d be so grateful, he would pleasure me willingly and hotter. Lol
I would keep it, maybe even use it a few times! However, in the end I would probably be totally freaked out by the whole thing, and afraid that in the end I would be possessed by the Demon of the Bed so I would find someone who knows how to rid an item of an unwanted Demon and have it removed from the bed. If I could not find anyone who could get the Demon out of the bed, I would sell it, but I would disclose that it was possessed by a Lusty Demon! It could bring a nice price from the right person! LOL!
Probably wonder what planet I’d been transferred to.
probably free the demon, no one should be treated as a slave. not a very good start to a relationship.
I’d keep it for a while at least! LOL!
Keep it forever and find out how to satisfy the demon while satisfying myself
I would try to free the demon in the hope that he would choose to stay
I’m not sure…My first thought was to keep it. But then again we are talking about a Demon! If I wanted to get rid of it I wouldn’t sell it because the next person would have to deal with it and I would feel guilty.
Depends on the period of my life to be honest. Right now I would try to free the demon, but in some other lonely period I might have kept the bed (at least for a while). Also why does the poor creature have to satisfy me every night? That is torture. ;P
depending on what type of demon I most likely would try to free them
 KEEP IT and when I am too tired , I could go sleep in another bed
Well, he’s a demon, so that means he doesn’t get tired. I’m keeping MY bed. Lol
That’s a very tricky question. My first instinct was to definitely keep that bed and enjoy the mattress comforts <wink>. But imagining how great that would be, I started to feel that it wasn’t necessarily fair to the demon — unless he’s an incubus and would be quite happy. So I guess I would cave in and ask him if he wanted his freedom. Who knows, he might voluntarily choose to remain once he was free. That would be even better!
Try to free the Demon , he deserves to have his own life also
I would sell it for sure I don’t mess with demons.
s up if I was a lot younger I would keep the bed no problem but alas I’m not so I would try to free it
Take my time freeing the demon 🙂
So this is kinda funny since my fiance has said many times that a demon comes out in him every once in awhile & if he’s the demon that has possessed the bed then i’d def keep it forever.
hmm that would depend on the demon. If he is hot, I might keep it. If he is sweet, I might try to free him.
I would try to free the demon. Then I would like to think he liked me of his own accord. He is soooo sexy.
keep it and try to free the demon lol after we fall in love
Try to free the demon if he wished
satisfy me every night
try to free the demon, and enjoy it while doing so
I guess it would depend on if freeing the demon would wreak havoc on the world.. If it would, I’d keep it forever. If it wouldn’t, I’d try to free it
I’d want to keep it forever, but I’d probably try to free the demon.
My initial response would be to keep him forever, but my heart would get involved. Once that happened I would be giving everything in me trying to free him from the bed.
Oooh, interesting question. After a few nights, I’d probably try to free the demon.
It would depend on what the satisfaction was & how intense.
I’d free the demon after a few months…??
Free the demon who would than be grateful so he would stay anyway.
Beautiful would have me remove it from the house and she would not care how I did it! As for demons in general, they are supposed to be bad news all the way around, so I would do my best to banish it.
Are you kidding, that bed is not going anywhere!
Rent it out
BONUS question: If you choose to keep the bed for life, who would you leave the bed to in your will, and why?
My granddaughter
My neice every woman needs to be satisfied.
Niece married for 25 years extreme draught
My niece she was married for 25 years so she suffered a long draught
If it could not be in dispossession, I would destroy it.
my daughter, she’ll need some spice in her life
My daughter because she would appreciate it! LOL
Keep the bed – It would stay in the family and passed along
I’d leave it to a sleep study institute